Biodiversity in Belize
Biological Diversity in Belize
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Checklist of the birds of Belize - by district

This checklist (which needs updating but go to eBird for up to date species lists) is based (with permission) on the the list produced by H. Lee Jones and A. C. Vallely (Lynx editions). This booklet is the most authoritative, detailed, and up-to-date checklist and reports 566 bird species reliably recorded in Belize. It includes detailed information about habitats preferences and status for each species. For more information and ordering details of this 72 page publication, click the image on the left.

A quarterly column on recent bird records from Central America is published in the journal North American Birds. This is a good way to keep current on new and interesting records from Belize. The best Belize birding info can be found at Belize Birder Resources


This checklist is very long and slow to download. For this reason it is split up in two sections:










R = Resident

W =Winter visitor

D = Drys season resident

A = Accidental visitor

T = Transient

The above authors also organize birding tours. Click the Ornithology Expeditions Logo



Co = Corozal

OW = Orange Walk

Be = Belize

Cy = Cayo

SC = Stann Creek

To = Toledo

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