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Biological Diversity in Belize
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Report of second half of the bat survey (March 2003)

Final REA Report - Volume I, July 2003 (pdf: 1,772 kb)


Rapid Ecological Assessment

Mayflower Bocawina National Park, Stann Creek District, Belize

The Mayflower Bocawina National Park is located in the Stann Creek district of Belize and has as its original attraction the Mayflower Archaeological Site. The recent declaration (SI 139 of 2001) of the National Park with emphasis on community co-management has widened the scope from Archaeology to environmental protection. To acquire data for this CO-management, a Rapid Ecological Assessment (REA) has been initiated and is being carried out by a team of professionals under the direction of Jan Meerman.

The main objectives of the REA are:

· To produce biophysical information necessary for development of management plans and environmental impact assessments.
· To produce data, reports, maps, lists, classifications, descriptions, and threats identification for management, educational, inventory and funding purposes.
· Generate baseline data for monitoring activities in the Park.
· Contribute to the National inventory.
· Identify species that are in danger of becoming extinct.
· Develop preliminary data sets for future use in inventories that are more detailed and in ecological characteristics.
· Characterize natural communities, provide descriptions listing key species and assess their importance for conservation.
· Associate animal communities with the vegetation types they inhabit.
· Compare diversity among different subregions of the site.

Methodology and some pictures of survey activities can be seen at following pages. One of the interesting results is that an interesting "new" Heliconia species has been discovered. Also an as yet undocumented and invasive banana species was identified.

The REA was completed in early 2003. The final report was finished in May 2003. Available as Adobe Acrobat files are the final report (1,772 kb), coverpage, and two reports (December 2002 + March 2003) of the bat surveys.


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