Biodiversity in Belize
Biological Diversity in Belize
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This website is continuously updated and this is where I will announce the most recent additions. If you've visited this site before before and want to know what's changed, take a look here first.

2006, October 8: Environmental Impact Assessement Page

2006, August 31: Gra Gra Lagoon National Park

2006, July; Five Blues Lakes Collapse

2006, April 23: Aguacaliente Wildlife Sanctuary REA

2006, April 16: Fires in Belize; 2006 season

2005, August 18: The Biodiversity and Environmental Data Resource System of Belize (BERDS) goes public

2005, April 23: Fires in Belize; 2005 season

2005, April 20: National Protected Areas Policy and Systems Plan: Assessment & Analysis.

2004, December 25: Harpy Eagle reintroduction updates 4 & 5.

2004, May 9: Belize Mapserver: interactive maps and data

2004, May 1: Database - Enter your own data

2004, March 26: Endemic Species

2004, March 14: Inca Trail section

2004, March 5: Update Spanish Creek REA

2004, February 10: Harpy Eagle Release Update #3.

2003, December 7: Aguas Turbias National Park REA page initiated, Frangipani sphinx caterpillars are common in this month.

2003, October 18: Harpy Eagle Release update.

2003, September 11: Non-native flora and fauna pages posted.

2003, July 4: Black Jaguar paper by J.R. Meyer posted.

2003, July 1: Chalillo ecological data posted. Notably vegetation transects.

2003, May 25: Sarstoon Temash National Park Rapid Environmental Assessment, Scenes and discovery of new Sphagnum bog ecosystem.

2003, March 21: The extremely dry and hot conditions cause many forest fires.

2003, February 15: Book Review page. First book "Tarantulas of Belize". Tarantula species page.

2003, February 7: link to orchid checklist at Belize Botanic Gardens

2003, February 1: New Interactive Protected Areas Map

2003, January 28: Page on the complex ecology of the butterfly Heliconius sapho

2003, January 19: All external links now open in a new window. Aquatic ecosystems page added.

2002, December 27: re-designed species list page, updated ecosystems page with final report and more downloadable files. Added Freshwater Fishes, Marine Fish, Coral and Invertebrate pages.

2002, December 18: Orchid Picture Gallery added. Miss Rainforest contestants visit Green Hills Butterfly Ranch

2002, December 14: Picture gallery of Green Hills Butterfly Ranch added.

2002, December 8: Spanish Creek Wildlife Sanctuary: Rapid Ecological Assessment page started for Spanish Creek Wildlife Sanctuary and Mayflower Bocawina National Park.

2002, December 4: Green Hills Staff page added

2002, December 3: Scientific research/collection permit information. New species list: Heliconia's and various links added throughout the site.

2002, December 1: Weather updates (by

2002, November 1: Picturepage of an aberrant Butterfly added.

2002, October 26: Cosmetics work on Green Hills and About Belize pages.

2002, October 21: Site map + Impacts of Hurricane Iris page added.

2002, October 20: Forest Fire page and Pempem cave page added.

2002, October 17: Three Passiflora pages added.

2002, October 15: Zamia (Cycad) page added, Topography page udpdated.

2002, October 3: Central American Ecosystems wallposter added.

2002, October 2: Protected areas map added. Based on the latest data (Last gazetted protected area is Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary: Statutory instrument 102 of 2002).

2002, October 1: Correction to mammal list. Added three Green Hills Butterfly Ranch pages.

2002, September 27: First contents uploaded. Mostly species lists, but also papers, downloadable pdf files etc.

2002, September 14: Revised searchcode

2002, September 6: Website design finished by Belize Explorer Group Design Concepts.

2002, August 31: Hosting established (ICDSoft).

2002, July 26: domain name aquired (Verio).

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